Stylish Two Year Milestone Session

One of the things that parents often find the most stressful about an upcoming photo session and that I absolutely LOVE is wardrobe planning. For this reason, I’ve begun offering wardrobe consultations as part of every session.

My first recommendation is that clients read through my Welcome Packet, which is sent after a session is confirmed and full of tips for choosing clothing that will photograph well. Then it makes the most sense to look through their closets for items that fit the criteria. Whether through a FaceTime or Zoom call, or email or messaging, clients can share what they already own and I can help make decisions. If additional pieces are needed, I oftentimes will send photos of recommendations from a quick search of items in stock at some of my favorite stores in town.

Whether for an individual or groups, the focus of any image should be the client and some clothing choices can distract while others can really make the client stand out.

This milestone session featuring sweet, adorable Archie is a perfect example of this system. He already had a pair of denim overalls (can’t resist them!), khaki pants, Ugg boots, and a wool collared denim jacket, all neutral staples. We paired each with a different Henley T-shirt from Old Navy and added one of their adorable cardigans for three different looks that are each neutral enough to prevent distraction in the portraits, but also provide some layers, texture, and style that take the images to a higher level than just a plain T-shirt and jeans would, all while showcasing the different sides to this little guy’s sweet personality.

Even though Archie’s birthday was in August, his mama will always remember and be able to tell him how these photos were taken in April after vaccinations during the pandemic the year he turned two. I will always remember how after more than a year since seeing him, he ran up to me in the parking lot, excited to take his photos.

Which look is your favorite?

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