Fargo-Moorhead Family Portrait Session

This springtime extended family portrait session was with the sweetest family.

It’s always so fun to see families interact and it was incredibly cute how Grandma and Grandpa, or Boompa as I heard him called, were playing and snuggling up with these two, finding dragons (or kites- same thing) in the trees and promising a DQ late breakfast treat post-session, which is a classic move that never disappoints.

While we were photographing the original family of four, it was fun to see the dynamic change and more of the humor come out. The adult children wanted to know if they also would get DQ if they smiled for the camera, among other jokes that had me cracking up the whole time.

These folks were in town for a family reunion (stay tuned for more photos) and we did a separate session for them and the Shankle family unit beforehand. The Multi-Mini Session with Mini Sessions added on, like this family did, are a popular option when the entire family gets together, since everyone is there, everyone is dressed up, and it’s fairly seamless to execute these sessions back to back.

I had a really good time photographing them. Here are some of my favorites from our time together.

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  1. […] nonetheless. I spent some extra time with two of the individual families, the Shankles and the Rheaumes, doing Mini Sessions for them before the extended family session, so there were many new updated […]


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