Now Booking Red Truck Christmas Mini Sessions

Red Truck Christmas Mini Sessions are officially open for subscribers today and tomorrow. Sessions will open to the public on Sunday, September 5.

All Mini Sessions must be paid in full to book.

Sessions will take place near Fertile, MN, a little over an hour northwest of the FM area. The exact address and directions will be sent along with more information after booking and closer to the date.

Should there be inclement weather, a back up date will be set.

There are two different dates and lengths of sessions offered. Please fill out the form below to book and I will be in touch to get you officially set up with a time slot.

Red Truck Mini Sessions in October will take place on Friday, October 22 starting at 4:30 pm with 20-minute spots. This session will provide 10 images in color and black and white in an online gallery with printing release and digital files to download. The set up with the truck will be a Christmas theme in front of evergreen trees.

Red Truck Micro Mini Sessions in December will take place on Saturday, December 11 starting at 3:10 pm with five-minute spots. This is perfect if your main goal is getting images for Christmas cards with snow. This session provides 2 images in color and black and white in an online gallery with printing release and digital files. Additional images are likely and will be available for purchase. The set up will again be a Christmas theme in front of evergreens but with snow.

Please fill out the form below if you’d like to book a spot.

There are still spots open for November and December if you’re looking to book a Mini Session that isn’t a Christmas theme.

Now Booking Fall and Winter Mini Sessions

I am officially booking 2021 Fall Mini Sessions and Winter Micro Mini Sessions!

As a subscriber, you get first pick today and tomorrow, with dates opening to the general public on Wednesday the 18th.

All Mini Sessions must be paid in full to book.

Should there be uncooperative weather, a back up date will be set.

The location of each date will be determined the week of to see where there is still the most coverage/color on the trees, but all locations will be in the FM Metro area.

Red Truck Christmas Mini Sessions will be released soon. Those sessions will take place near Fertile, MN.

Find out more about the different offerings each month September through December to fit any need, time limit, or budget, and then message me to save your spot.


For the month of September, I will be shooting Mini Sessions on Saturday, September 11 starting at 6 pm with four 20-minute spots available. This session will provide 10 images in color and black and white in an online gallery where you can download the files and the printing release.

This session is perfect if you’re still looking to shoot while the weather is still fairly warm and the trees are still (hopefully!) full.


In October, the same session and number of spots will be available, but will start at 5pm and take place on Saturday, October 9.

This session is ideal if you are hoping to have photos when the leaves are changing colors but trees are still (again, hopefully!) full and temps still comfortable.


Perfect for getting a few photos for Christmas cards, November’s sessions will be shorter, at 10 minutes long with 5 images in a digital gallery for downloading with the printing release. If there are additional images, you will have the option to purchase them as well. Since things will likely be more brown at this time of the year, a location with evergreens is likely. There are six slots available for Saturday, November 6, starting at 4:15 pm.

If you’re really just hoping for a couple of images for your Christmas cards when there is likely going to be snow, one of the six Micro-Mini Sessions on Saturday, December 4 is a perfect fit. A quick five minute shoot is enough time to get a family shot and one of just the kids so you have two options or two images to use on your cards, without freezing. If there are additional images, you will have the option to purchase them as well.

Please send me a message here if you’d like to reserve a spot.

Lola’s Elmo Garden Party Theme Birthday Party

Lola turned two in April, but we purposely waited until last weekend to have a party to celebrate, until all of the adults in our families were fully vaccinated. I’m glad we did, as it was a beautiful 80 degree day and we were able to soak up the sun while all being together again- something we hadn’t done for about a year. Not only that, but the apple blossoms were in full bloom on the trees on our berm for only that day, which fit perfectly with our theme of an Elmo Garden Party.

This winter, Elmo became Lola’s favorite (by the time of the party, he had been replaced by the crew from Frozen, although she’s thankfully still a fan), so when it started to look like vaccines would be available by spring, I began thinking about having a party. Daydreams of warm weather, flowers, being together, and celebrating our little Lola gave me something to look forward to while we were stuck at home.

I got my craft on in the days leading up to the party, working here and there when I’d find a few minutes, to make the little Elmos, the Pin-the-nose-on-the-Elmo, the balloon garlands, and the fringe wall, which I made out of plastic table cloths. I love this kind of stuff. It’s mindfulness at its best. Keeping my hands busy and focusing on a project that produces an end result is incredibly calming for me and I love when it all comes together.

I kept the food easy with fresh fruit, caesar salad, pink lemonade with fresh citrus fruits, turkey and havarti sliders, and little bags of chips. Grandma Vicki of course brought cupcakes and I ordered beautiful sugar cookies from the ridiculously talented Sweet Q’s Cookie Co. To complete the garden party theme, I got some fresh flowers from the grocery store in the colors closest to the theme and made arrangements in several sizes.

To say that the day was special is an understatement. Complete with games and playing in the sun, it felt so good to all be together again. My only regret is that once the party started and we were hanging out I didn’t stop and make sure that we got photos of Lola with all of the family and one of just the three of us (or four with Finn, but his cooperation is often limited). I’m glad I at least got a few of her enjoying her cookies, opening some gifts, splashing around in the sprinkler and pool, playing Pin-the-nose-on-the-Elmo and running around with her cousins.